Curriculum - EdD in Elementary Education

The core courses of the EdD program include:

  • CIE 605 Comparative and International Pedagogy and Curriculum
  • CIE 610 Effective Teaching Concepts and Processes
  • CIE 630 Curriculum for the Classroom Teacher
  • CIE 640 Seminar in Teacher Education Processes
  • CIE 650 Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Education
  • CIE 660 Cognitive Perspectives on Teaching & Learning in K-12 Curriculum
  • CIE 670 Critical Inquiry into Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • CIE 645 Teaching and Learning Communities
  • CEE/CSE 690 Advanced Seminar

The plan of study for an EdD in Elementary Education includes 36 semester hours in the major field of study (CIE, CEE, CRD) including 12 credit hours of core courses, 15 credit hours of research courses, 12 credit hours of foundations courses, and a minimum of 12 credit hours of dissertation research.

Doctoral students must also pass a written, take-home comprehensive examination and fulfill residency requirements by completing 24 graduate hours while continuously enrolled for a period of 24 months.