MA in Secondary Education - Overview

Student in class

Program at a Glance

Delivery Format - Gadsden

Number of Credit Hours - 30

Tuition per Hour - $420

Fees - $10 graduate College of Education fee (per hour)

Application Deadline - April 1 - summer cohort, July 1 - fall cohort, November 1 - spring cohort

Accreditation - National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)

Required Entrance - Bachelor's level teaching certificate

Programs, courses and tuition subject to change.

The Master of Arts degree program in Secondary Education is designed for current professionals who are interested in pursuing a degree leading to an Alabama Class “A” Professional Certificate in secondary education.  The master's program places greater emphasis on fostering experienced teachers' full capacities for reflective decision making as they base their judgments on knowledge of the subjects they teach, general principles of education and development, and their own experiences in instructional settings. The program focuses on the application of knowledge about teaching to instructional practices.

The content areas offered at The University of Alabama Gadsden Center include history, social science composite, general science, biology, math, and English Language Arts.

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