What Our Students Are Saying

Below are testimonials from some of our students on what they think about the UA Gadsden Center.

April WelchApril Welch, EdD in Higher Education Administration 

“Anxious and a bit nervous about beginning the EdD in Higher Ed at UA - Gadsden, all the butterflies floated away as I was so graciously and kindly welcomed by the staff and other students at the Gadsden site. Being taught by some of the nation's top professors has been an unparalleled experience as the passion, energy, and depth of knowledge they share keeps students engaged and inquisitive, wanting to learn more and be more effective as we assume leadership positions.

With honor and pride, I am quick to share with my colleagues and friends that I attend UA. Roll Tide!

Thank you!”



Tammie KopeckyTammie Kopecky, EdS Educational Leadership

“The University of Alabama Gadsden Center offered the flexibility I needed to increase my education. Night, weekend, and online classes provided me with excellent opportunities to attend classes that fit into my busy schedule. The Gadsden Center also provides understanding, supporting, caring, and very intelligent professors to serve as role models and guides throughout the process.

Roll Tide!”





Maranda FarmerMaranda Farmer, EdS, Secondary Education English Language Arts

“Participating in the Ed.S. program at the Gadsden Campus has been one of the best professional decisions I have made. The courses have allowed me to truly explore some very complex aspects of the teaching profession; the professors have encouraged and guided me through those explorations; the other participants in the Ed.S. program have supported me and exchanged ideas and experiences; and the entire staff at the Gadsden Center has assisted me at every step in juggling scheduling.

The personal gratification of earning a degree from UA and the added benefits my students will reap have made this experience one that has been rewarding on many levels, and the people here at the Gadsden Center helped make it all happen!”


Matthew BurttramMatthew Burttram, EdD, Higher Education Administration

“I am incredibly grateful for the faculty and staff of the UA Gadsden Center. I have earned a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration, and I am currently pursuing a Doctorate in the same field, all through the UA Gadsden Center. And, I have done all of this while working full-time and raising a family! If you think your life is too busy to pursue graduate work, give the UA Gadsden Center a try. I promise, you will not be disappointed!”






Melissa ShieldsMelissa Shields, EdD Educational Administration

“This being my FOURTH decade as an Alabama student, I can truly reflect on my evolution as an educator as it coincided with several gradate degrees.  I've had many wonderful professors who pushed me to think about things differently and apply new learning to the real-world scenarios I encountered every day.

I forged some wonderful connections with fellow students who are  educational leaders  all across the state. Thanks to the collaborative nature of many of our classes,  I have been able to glean many "tried and true" best practices from them to replicate in my own work.”



Kyle SheltonKyle Shelton, EdD Instructional Leadership

“The University of Alabama Gadsden Center has afforded me the opportunity to get my doctoral degree in Instructional Leadership. There was a time when I would not have even dreamed of trying, but I'm taking coursework to that end. The staff at Gadsden is second-to-none and have the knowledge and patience that help me stay on the right track. Roll Tide!”






Anna HairstonAnna Hairston, EdD Educational Administration

“The EdD program at the Gadsden Campus has been a wonderful experience for me. I have been afforded the opportunity to have top-notch professors while remaining close to home so I can take care of my family and further my career.”







Allison NewtonAllison Newton, EdD, Higher Education Administration

“The Gadsden program is great and I’m so appreciative that I’m able to complete my EdD locally with the same professors from main campus.  The Gadsden support staff does a stellar job!  Thanks for always being there when I have a question or concern.”