The core courses of the EdD program include:

  • CIE 605 Comparative and International Pedagogy and Curriculum
  • CIE 610 Effective Teaching Concepts and Processes
  • CIE 630 Curriculum for the Classroom Teacher
  • CIE 640 Seminar in Teacher Education Processes
  • CIE 650 Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Education
  • CIE 660 Cognitive Perspectives on Teaching & Learning in K-12 Curriculum
  • CIE 670 Critical Inquiry into Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • CIE 645 Teaching and Learning Communities
  • CEE/CSE 690 Advanced Seminar

The plan of study for an EdD in Secondary Education is comprised of 60 hours of coursework and a minimum of 12 hours of dissertation. Coursework includes 27 credit hours in the major field of study including 12 hours of core courses, 24 credit hours in a major area of specialization, 12 credit hours of research courses, 12 credit hours of foundations courses, and a minimum of 12 credits hours of dissertation research.

Doctoral students must also pass a written, take-home comprehensive examination and fulfill residency requirements by completing 24 graduate hours while continuously enrolled for a period of 24 months.