Testing Services

The University of Alabama Gadsden Center administers several examinations including the Miller’s Analogy Test (MAT), the State of Alabama Insurance Licensure exam, comprehensive exams for degree programs, and serves as proctor for distance learning examinations for both UA and other institutions.

The Miller’s Analogy Test (MAT) is offered at least twice each month and is computer-based.  Administrative support staff is approved by Pearson to administer the exam.  There is a $90 fee for the MAT and examinees must schedule to sit for the exam in advance.

The State of Alabama Insurance Licensure Exam is typically offered each Wednesday is computer-based and includes Life, Health, Property and Casualty, Title, Personal Lines, and Bail Bonds.  All UA Gadsden Center administrative staff are approved to proctor and have a scheduled rotation.  Each examinee must complete a certification course to be eligible to sit for the exam, and must register at least seven days prior to the exam by clicking here.

UA’s Gadsden Center serves as a proctor for comprehensive exams for degree programs facilitated by the Gadsden Center.  Dates for the exams are set by the department, and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that comprehensive exam applications are completed and sent to the department before the deadline.

Distance education students are invited to have their exams proctored at our location.  It is the students responsibility to ensure that all required forms and permissions are in place and to contact the Gadsden Center to schedule a day and time to be sure that a staff member will be available to proctor.  For distance education students that are not enrolled in a degree program at The University of Alabama there is a $15 fee per exam.