When you complete a career training or certificate course from The University of Alabama, you demonstrate not only competency in a particular discipline but you also demonstrate your ability to manage a business process. Organizations and companies across the Southeast recognize this certificate as quality, corporate-driven training.  The low cost and convenience of our distinguished certificate programs render them the ideal solution for a multitude of educational needs. Whether you are seeking specific training or aspiring to begin a brand new career, we have a program for you. Our students enjoy high-level training from our team of expert faculty members, and customized classroom activities. From project management and supply chain to leadership and coaching, we have a portfolio of programs to offer a solution for every professional goal.

We partner with Bama At Work to bring the expertise of our University to your workplace and organization. More than a sample of courses dispensed in a classroom, the Corporate University of Bama At Work is a training consultant working for you. Customize your training to bring the best skills and knowledge to your employees and colleagues. Because an educated workforce is a more efficient one, Bama At Work will help you and your organization achieve the capstone of Workplace Excellence.

Building Workplace Excellence

We provide a full suite of training, projects, and services to help you build excellence in your workplace. We start with a needs assessment and collaborate with you in developing your specific requirements that form the basis for planning. We can manage implementation and sustainment so you can focus your resources on strategic priorities. In short, we are your corporate university for giving your workforce the capacity to achieve your business objectives.


The University of Alabama’s world-class faculty and subject-matter experts deliver the specific training you need in your workplace at the times and locations your workforce needs it. Take advantage of the latest knowledge and skill-building approaches to help members of your organization achieve professional mastery.